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How to Manage Selling AND Buying a Home

Managing stress of buying and selling a home

Anyone who has bought or sold a home will tell you that it’s a stressful experience. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be an exciting experience as well. If you’re still a little knew to the home buying experience, then…

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Enjoy Western Kentucky Summer Fun

Western Kentucky offers so much to those who love adventure and family fun from spring through fall. Here are some Summer events you don’t want to miss! This area has so much to offer, so if you’re searching for a…

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How to Understand Real Estate Terms

Understanding Real Estate Terms

After you read through a few real estate property listings, you’ll find there are some terms you recognize. But, do you always understand them?   It’s important to have an understanding of certain terms so you can narrow down your…

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Common Mortgage Questions

As you begin searching for a new home, it’s important to understand the major terms used by real estate agents and lenders. Before you sign for a home loan, understand how mortgages work. There are some common questions many soon-to-be…

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A February to Remember

Who knew February was such an event-filled month! It’s not just a month for lovers on Valentine’s Day; in western Kentucky there’s a little something for everyone. Some of the great things about this area of the country are the…

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Best Resources for Your Home Search

When you’re on the hunt for a new home, getting a little help is always welcome. With today’s technology, you can have help with you at any time! So, before your next long day of house hunting, check out these…

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New Year in a New Home, New Town

New Year Events in Western Kentucky

Imagine beginning the new year in a new home, possibly even a new town! If you’re ready to buy, then it’s a good time to begin the search for your dream home.   Whether you’re looking for a luxury real…

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Homebuyers: How to Find the Right REALTOR®

Finding and purchasing a new home is a taxing process in itself. Between browsing listings, meetings at your bank, deciding on floorplans and digging through your savings, the task of finding the right Realtor® may be the most overlooked step in…

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