Couple Searching for a Home

When you’re on the hunt for a new home, getting a little help is always welcome. With today’s technology, you can have help with you at any time!

So, before your next long day of house hunting, check out these home search resources! The best part? The apps are all free!


Leslie Heath KW AppFind a home with the Leslie Heath App

The Leslie Heath KW App will help you find homes for sale as you drive. You can pull up the map and search for homes nearby, right on your tablet or cell phone.

With Keller Williams’ Realty Real Estate Search, you’ll have access to more than 4 million homes. Use the app to search for new homes, rentals or to contact Leslie directly. 


Home Search Sites

Sites such as,, and are all sites that pull from thousands of listings all over the country. You can search by area, number of bedrooms, price range and more.

If you decide to download the apps, they can even send you push alerts or email alerts when a new listing comes available within your saved specifications.

Taking a look at new listings becomes an easy daily task, as you’ll see what’s new to the market immediately.


Google Maps

If you’re house hunting, you probably have multiple homes on your list. So, why not take a weekend and drive by all of them!

A simple drive by could help you determine if you even want to see the inside of the home.

Google Maps allows you to create an entire route for your house hunting trip.  Once you’ve input your first address, click on the three vertical dot icon in the top right corner. And then “add stop.” It will allow you to keep adding stops until you click done.

If you find a house on the opposite side of town, just rearrange your route to help you save time and gas. Then, as soon as you arrive at one destination, it will jump to directing you to the next home.

This just makes it easy to plan an efficient route around town so you see all the homes you want to in the time you have.  



Your REALTOR® is a great resource during every step of the way. Leslie Heath has worked with many families, couples, business owners and more to help them find the right fit. So, she’s seen a lot in her more than 19 years of experience.  

Use Your Real Estate Agent to:

  • Ask questions about the home buying process
  • Get advice on the homes and timeline you’re looking at
  • Suggest and show homes fitting your specifications and budget
  • Help you make smart decisions and warn you of mistakes past home buyers have made.

These resources, paired with your friends’ and family’s advice will help you find the right home for you! Happy house hunting!