A pair of shoes symbolizes who you are in that moment. It can radiate personality, confidence and creativity. It is so much more than just protection for your feet.

When you shop for a new pair to add to your collection, it’s about finding the right match for your comfort and style.

It’s about visualizing your wardrobe and imagining if this new pair will go with anything you have or if, “It’s cute, but just not really me.”

Buying a home can be very similar. It’s a major decision, where you examine many different angles to ensure you’re making the right choice. Of course, buying a pair of shoes is lower on the financial scale; but they’re both an investment in your future comfort.

Here’s how buying the right home is like investing in the right shoes.

Lux Shoes

They must be beautiful on the outside and comfortable on the inside.

Comfort is top priority. We’ve all seen that pair of shoes we just adore, but then we try them on and our feet immediately experience discomfort. We want something to compliment our feet, not destroy them.

Think of your next home the same way.  Look at the outside, admire the beautiful rooms inside and then imagine how comfortable your family can maneuver in the house.

Are there enough bathrooms or bedrooms for everyone to be comfortable? Is the kitchen the right size to meet your needs?

What about the dining room? Is it conducive for entertaining or will you have to split the party up between rooms?

You want beauty mixed with the comfort level matching your family’s needs. Don’t go solely by looks or curb appeal.  If you wait to try on the house for size after you buy, you’ll quickly feel the ache of a wrong fit.

They must stand out from the crowd.

Have you been to a party with your one-of-a-kind shoes bought while on vacation and then someone walks up with the exact same pair?

It can take a little pep out of your step, even though no one else in the room will notice.

With a home, you want the same one-of-a-kind experience. It’s not that you want it to be exotic or far outside the signs of normal (or maybe you do!), but you definitely want it to look different than your neighbors’.

Don’t look at just the home, but the entire block. Will it be easy for friends to find your new place? It doesn’t have to be the prettiest home on the block, but you do want it to stand out in its own unique way.

They must amplify your signature look.

For some of you, your close friends could probably recognize your home by just looking inside your shoe closet.

It’s because shoes are an extension of your style.  As is your home.

You may feel more comfortable in a rustic, farmhouse style home with the wrap around porch and shutters. Or you may be looking for a more modern, urban appeal with lots of straight lines, open floor plan and natural lighting.

Whatever your signature look is, let your home be an extension of it.

So next time you’re looking at a new home, first ask yourself if there’s enough room for your shoe collection…and then start thinking about how your family will fit into this home.

Critically think on whether it matches not only your style, but your comfort level.

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